23 Oct, 2019

Nikki finally finds his FOREVER!

GIVE US A VOICE has great news to report – Nikki is adopted! At 8 years old, Nikki found himself without a family. He was passed around from home to home until finally his last owner decided to go on vacation and abandon poor Nikki once again and he was handed over to our association. […]

9 Oct, 2019

Puppy love: Matt finds a home

GIVE US A VOICE has great news – Matt is adopted! This sweet puppy was abandoned at the shelter when he was just weeks old. Thankfully he doesn’t have to grow up at the shelter because he was adopted by Mme. Sarah De Figueiredo. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mme. […]

3 Oct, 2019

The wait is over for Peter!

We have great news, Peter is adopted!!!! Life for Peter wasn’t always easy. His former owner decided he didn’t want him anymore so he abandoned him at a trash dump. Peter had to learn how to survive on his own before he was taken to a shelter where he spent 6 long years waiting for […]

2 Oct, 2019

GIVE US A VOICE goes to Amazon!

GIVE US A VOICE was honoured to be invited to attend a recycling and donation drive at Amazon today. We received a lot of donations in the form of blankets, towels, mats and other useful – and recycled- items for animals in need. It’s a win-win for all involved and we are proud to be […]

30 Sep, 2019

Scoopy is all smiles!

It’s all smiles for Scoopy because she recently found her forever home! This cute little ball of loveliness came all the way from Malta to Luxembourg where she found the home of her dreams. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Linhares family for giving a shelter dog […]

26 Sep, 2019

All smiles for Dobbie

Great news, Dobbie is adopted! It didn’t take long for this foster dog to become a permanent member of the Weyer family and we are so happy for this little guy. At 8 years old, he was abandoned on the streets of Malta – and now- he has a loving home and the life most […]

23 Sep, 2019

Gigi finds his home!

Great news, Gigi is adopted! This poor little kitten was found sitting on the street in Kirchbierg all alone. His luck changed when Mme. Olena Antonenkova decided to give this sweet boy a loving home. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mme. Antonenkova for deciding to adopt and […]

5 Sep, 2019

It’s all love for Cayenne

GIVE US A VOICE is thrilled to announce Cayenne found her forever home! This little cutie was found on the streets of Hungary before she was taken to a shelter. When it was discovered that she had heartworms, Mme. Grof-Stemmler did not hesitate before deciding to give this lovely dog a forever home. We would […]

4 Sep, 2019

Matti gets a second chance!

Great news, Matti found his forever home! This lovely dog originally came from Hungary where he was dumped off at a gas station. Poor Matti didn’t know where to go so he stayed at the gas station for days and days. Eventually he was brought to a shelter where he waited for his second chance. […]