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22 Feb, 2021

Piggy: Before and After

When Piggy was first surrendered to our association, we were a bit worried. He was out of control, unkempt and would attack without provocation. We could not even touch him without having to count our fingers to make sure they were all still there. It was obvious he had suffered serious trauma in his life […]

14 Nov, 2020

Before and After: Bowie

Bowie lived for over 10 years on a rooftop where he was neglected, abused and kept in a horrible state. When animal control finally took him away, he was covered in tumors and suffering from a horrible skin infection, among many other ailments. He had to undergo surgery and was treated daily to fix his […]

27 Oct, 2020

Nala: Before and After

Nala was saved from a kill shelter in Romania, just days before she was scheduled for euthanasia. She was – justifiably – a terrified puppy who cowered and hid from everyone. Well Nala’s whole world changed a few years ago when she was brought to Luxembourg and given a second chance at life. Look at […]

30 Jul, 2019

Lucy is living it up!

We recently received this photo of Lucy who is living the dream! This cutie came a long way – she was found this past winter, stuffed in a plastic bag and discarded like trash in the forest. Luckily Lucy was rescued and has since been adopted by a wonderful family who loves her to pieces! […]