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*Projet de loi version finale courrier du 13-05-16

*Projet de règlement grand-ducal déterminant les conditions de détention des animaux

*Projet de règlement grand-ducal déterminant les interventions mineures sur animaux pouvant être effectuées sans anesthésie et les motifs zootechniques impératifs pour l’amputation ou l’amputation partielle d’un animal

*Projet de loi ayant pour objet d’assurer la dignité, la protection de la vie, la sécurité et le bien-être des animaux

Today GIVE US A VOICE received a very special visit from Rodrigo David and his family. For his 6th birthday, instead of presents, Rodrigo asked for donations to help animals in need. We received lots of large bags dog and cat food as well as supplies to help our less fortunate furry friends. We are completely blown away by Rodrigo’s generosity and extremely thankful for this selfless gift. Rodrigo, you are already doing amazing things and we can only imagine what wonderful things you will do in the future. Your compassion and respect for animals is admirable and shows what a warm-hearted person you are. It also shows what wonderful parents you have to instil these important values in you. We are very lucky to count you as part of the GIVE US A VOICE family! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Mlle. Mira Fecchi and her two friends for raising money to help animals in need. These three big-hearted young ladies worked hard gathering up some of their belongings and selling them at a second-hand bazaar, all in the name charity. We are humbled and extremely grateful to be the recipient of their generosity! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

(Lëtzebuergesch – English) E super Geste vum Finn Schmit deen keen Kaddo fir Chrëschtdag wollt, mee dofir seng Suen un GIVE US A VOICE LËTZEBUERG iwwerreecht huet fir den Deieren an Nout ze hëllefen. BRAVO LÉIWEN FINN, du bass een fantasteschen Mënsch! Instead of presents and toys this Christmas, Finn Schmit asked for money to donate to GIVE US A VOICE. We are all extremely honored and humbled by this young man’s incredible and noble gesture. Finn’s family already has two rescue dogs from our association, Sabih and Pinky, and now with this donation, he can help many more dogs in need. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Finn Schmit. You are an amazing boy!!!!

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GIVE US A VOICE goes to the Chambre des Deputes to fight to change the law so that animals are treated as living beings and not objects

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Regardez la vidéo de notre pétition 354 à la Chambre des Députés.

Watch GIVE US A VOICE argue for petition 354 in the Chambre des Députés in action!